AWS Research Grant Awarded to Nabil Adam and Dr. Robert Wieder

Nabil Adam
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Amazon Web Services has granted a grant to Dr. Robert Wieder and Dr. Nabil Adam for their project, “Racial disparities in cancer therapy-induced adverse events.”

The grant, through the Amazon Web Services Health Equity Initiative, aims to improve the health equity of individuals and communities through the use of the cloud. According to AWS, they are proud to be working with such talented individuals who are making a difference in improving the quality of care.

The Study Rationale and Objectives

Breast cancer is a leading cause of cancer death among women. It is difficult to predict the various adverse effects that can occur during the treatment process due to the complex interactions between different factors.

African-American women have a lower survival rate than their White counterparts when it comes to getting breast cancer treatment. This issue is also attributed to the varying quality of the care they receive.

Due to the complexity of the data collected regarding breast cancer, it is difficult to comprehensively analyze the various factors that affect the survival rate of patients.

The project aims to analyze the various characteristics of breast cancer treatment in African-American women and identify factors contributing to their lower survival rates. Through a rule-based mining approach, the researchers will then be able to provide follow-up assessments.

AWS Commitment to Improving Healthcare

To help improve the healthcare equity of individuals worldwide, AWS has committed to investing $40 million over the next three years. AWS gives institutions and companies access its resources and technical expertise to address health disparities.

Through the program, Amazon Web Services hopes to help companies and institutions develop culturally-aware applications that can improve access to healthcare services and reduce health disparities in their communities.

Through the use of cloud technology, the researchers will be able to address the various social and structural disparities that emerged during the COVID-19 pandemic and help improve the global health of individuals.

Various cloud-based initiatives will also be launched to address the needs of the underserved population. These include AI-powered applications that can help address specific health disparities and improve the accessibility of healthcare services.

Besides race, the researchers will also look into other factors, such as sexual orientation and neurodiversity.

To address the various issues related to healthcare, the researchers are inviting organizations that use the cloud to participate in the project.

Increase access to health services.

The availability of healthcare services is vital to improving a person’s health and well-being and reducing disparities by addressing social determinants of health.

Through its grant program, the company can look into projects that use technology to help individuals access economic opportunities and various services.

Leverage data to promote equitable and inclusive systems of care

Lack of data is also one of the main factors contributing to global health disparities. A survey revealed that only about half of the nations have the necessary data representation for the diverse population.

Amazon Web Services can also support projects that aim to improve data representation in healthcare systems through its grant program.



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